Asking for a full investigation into the CPV FrackedGas Powerplant by NYS Attorney General

Asking for a full investigation into the CPV FrackedGas Powerplant by NYS Attorney General

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Scott Martens started this petition to NYS Attorney General Letitia James

Please consider signing on to the following letter to our NYS Attorney General Letitia James demanding an investigation of the criminality surrounding permitting of the CPV power plant in the heart of Orange County. There were serious crimes committed by state and CPV officials. The victims of their crimes, who include all Orange County residents, have yet to receive justice as the plant continues to operate without consequence. Only a full investigation into the corrupted permitting process will do!  The crimes committed have placed our public health, environmental quality, and local economies in jeopardy. We the People, deserve answers. 

Signing on means that you demand a government for the People, that holds every company that seeks to do business in NYS, and every state regulatory agency, to the highest ethical and environmental standards. 

Thank you for your time and consideration!

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Office of the Attorney General

The Capitol

Albany, NY 12224-0341

Dear Attorney General James:

On March 13th 2018, a resolution was presented to the Town of Minisink board, by a Town resident. It asked for the revocation of all permits given to the CPV power plant on the grounds that, considering the crimes committed, the facility was not legally permitted and should have its right to do business in NYS revoked.  The board did not adopt the resolution but instead chose to send a letter of concern to NYS Attorney General Schneiderman. The letter's posed the following question to the AG was: “was the NYS permitting process influenced by the illegal activities of those convicted?” A response from that Office was never received. 

In the weeks that followed, citizens presented similar resolutions which successfully passed six other municipal boards: the Town and Village of Warwick, the Town and Village of Goshen, the Village of Florida, and perhaps most importantly, the Town of Wawayanda, where the power plant is sited.  Additionally, the Orange County Legislature resolved to declare their support for holding CPV’s Valley Energy Center and our state government accountable for the crimes committed.  

As you are aware, Peter G. Kelly (CPV Vice President), and Joseph Percoco (Executive Aide) are serving jail time for the crimes of solicitation of bribery and wire fraud in connection with pay-to-play activities at the state level on the CPV project. Former lobbyist, Todd Howe testified for the prosecution at Percoco’s trial. Howe confirmed that Kelly and Percoco met, through Howe’s efforts, in 2010. As Howe testified at trial, "My understanding was that (Kelly) wanted Joe to be an advocate (for CPV) - his eyes and ears in the governor's office." 

We write to request that your Office please provide a formal answer to this letter.  Further, due to the seriousness of this issue, we ask that your Office initiate a comprehensive investigation of the corruption surrounding this case, including the permitting of CPV Valley Energy Center in Wawayanda, NY. We, the undersigned members of CPV-impacted Orange County communities, implore you to take up your duty to demand accountability. In doing so, may it restore our faith in the judicial process: to do the maximum, not the minimum, to protect the rights of the people you serve, and to hold corporations accountable for their injustices.

Please consider that despite the federal criminal convictions and pleas of Percoco, Kelly and Howe, those who are serving a most serious sentence for these crimes are the impacted people of Orange County - tens of thousands of families who are suffering the health, environmental and noise impacts of a project which would never have gained permit approval on its merits. It appears that bribery and criminality were prerequisites for CPV’s approval as the very nature of the crimes suggest. In this case  where there is no corporate accountability, there is no justice. This should trouble your office as much as it troubles the citizens of this state. 

Judicial independence is the bedrock of our democracy: the check against corruption. Now, We the People of Minisink, Wawayanda, Goshen, Warwick, Mt. Hope, Middletown, Wallkill, and beyond ask for your immediate action.


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