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NYPD Sgt Chen, Det Vergona Det Squad 1st Precinct Making Assault Disappear: Resign! More Evidence Federal Investigation NYPD Corruption Abuse of Power

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NYPD Corruption Abuse of Power Out of Control.

 Link posted Delita Hooks false criminal report stating I attacked her and pushed her to the ground.

 It took almost 1 year to get it.  Proof of coercion with corrupt cops knowingly using a false cross complaint.   1 year Delita Hooks not arrested for assault and a false cross complaint. Internal Affairs let Det Vergona retire rather than arrest him for coercion.   As of Friday just before 1 year to date of attack at a medical office NYPD open case like thieves in the night without contacting me but admit now open preventing me from reporting allegation of 2nd degree assault.  

 Coercion is not a policing tool, it's a crime.  The NYPD sent me the same message they send People they stop and frisk illegally -- do not trust us.  Don't come forward and report crime and than Bloomberg and Kelly say crime is down.


NYPD are so out of control and it took me being violently assaulted by Dr. Andrew Fagelman's receptionist/office by Delita Hooks and the NYPD fixing the crime as if Dr. Fagelman called 1800-NYPD PBA IA Fix it to be added to record number of People violated by NYPD.  It is an open case with Internal Affairs but it over12 months  months and no arrest for assault and false cross complaint and the NYPD involved should be punished for fixing crime.  One of how many examples of police corruption.  Click the above link to learn about Ramos Trial in the Bronx.   Three videos that in my opinion prove NYPD corruption and NYC Gov commission to combat Police corruption a fraud like CCRB and IAB who do more to protect corruption than expose it.

 I was a patient and this woman had road rage over the top response because I asked nicely if she would consider paper cups instead of styrofoam.  Delita Hooks yelled at me as she stood up slamming the counter You have no rights!  She berated me, got out from behind the long reception counter, stalked me to the exit where she violently gave me the finger and smiled. Her behavior menacing and than she assaults me 3x before I defend myself. The corrupt cops felt I deserved this. According to the 1st Precinct this never happened yet how many false arrests have they made and they wanted to add me to this list unless I dropped the assault charges Det. Vergona wanted me to wait 4 days and come in Saturday for arrest.  Why?  How many crimes to the NYPD make disappear?  Talk about stat fixings.  How many rapes do they make disappear? The NYPD are out of control and abuse their power.  A Federal Investigation is needed for the NYPD asap.  Note:  I believe the corrupt Detectives associated me with OWS since I was wearing a protest sign demanding a hospital in the West Village.  I did nothing to provoke this violent assault that included running at mme punching me in the eye, grabbing my hair and a kick to the groin. She berated me who am I, who did I think I was? Stalked me from behind desk to exit, violently gave me the finger. Would u ask rape victim what did u do to provoke? A medical office like a precinct suppose to be safe.  She and corrupt cops felt I derserved a violent threat and attack. How many other crimes to they make disappear including their own like using a false complaint, a crime to make another crime disappear?


The NYPD aided and abetted Dr. Fagelman's receptionist/office manger in getting away with everything but murder;  violence and liars even committing another crime filing a false cross complaint. Why was Delita Hooks so confident she could walk in to the First Precinct and commit yet another crime?

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