Justice for Amadou Diallo

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Amadou Diallo was a 22 year old immigrant from Guinea, West Africa who migrated to New York City with the hopes of obtaining  a computer technology degree while he was working as a street vendor . Amadou spoke 5 languages and was well traveled . Amadou has raised $9,000 for college to finally persue  his dream. His dream was cut short on February 4, 1999 by 4 White NYPD undercover officers who were formally apart of the NYPD Street Crime Unit. 41 shots were fired and 19 of those bullets struck Diallo DEAD right outside of his apartment in the sound view area of the Bronx.

Amadou Diallo was walking home from work when 4 undercover officers, Sean Carroll, Edward McMellon, Kenneth Boss, and Richard Murphy all claimed that they believed Diallo looked suspicious , when Diallo tried to take his wallet out to show the officers his identification in possible fear,  they began to shoot at Diallo who was unarmed not a threat to the officers. 

Despite the fact that Diallo was killed in the majority African American borough of the Bronx, the officer’s legal defense were able to move the murder trial to the New York state capital of Albany, that is more than 150 miles away with a different demographic, different racial background and a detachment from the NYPD and city issues. 

All of the officers that murdered Amadou Diallo in execution style were ACQUITTED and found NOT GUILTY, receiving no repercussions of the gruesome crime that they have committed. 2 of the officers, Edward McMellon and Richard Murphy both joined the New York City Fire department while Sean Carroll and Kenneth Boss returned to the NYPD police department, and are now retired .

We can all say that Amadou Diallo’s life was taken for NOTHING and a mother’s child should never be snatched away from her like this. We are trying to reach the attention of the people , Governor Cuomo , Mayor Bill de Blasio , the NYPD commissioner Dermot Shea, and the lawyers that defended Diallo’s case Kyle Watters, and Peter J. Neufeld. It’s been 21 years and justice for Amadou has not been served ! We need to come together and make a difference . Justice can also be modifying the laws so that police brutality can no longer take place. Justice can be CHANGING THE LAW so that us citizens are SAFE and unharmed. WHY should a murder that happened in the Bronx be tried in a different demographic, Why should 41 shots be fired at a innocent black man who did nothing to threaten or harm anyone ! It’s been 21 years ! WE NEED JUSTICE and we need it NOW !

Amadou Diallo’s mother has created a foundation in the honor of her son Amadou Diallo , which is “The Mission of the Amadou Diallo Foundation is to promote racial healing and building strong community support guiding students’ pathways to success as youth begin to prepare and transition from High School into Postsecondary Education and pursue Career pathways on their way to becoming productive members of their communities” please click the links to learn more about this foundation and Donate if you can