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On October 17, 2019, Allan James Feliz was pulled over for an alleged seat-belt violation by officers of the 52nd precinct in the Bronx. The officers approached the car and upon realizing he had his seat-belt on, informed Allan that he could not see his seat belt because of the dark sweater he had on. After refusing to get back out of the car to be arrested for alleged warrants such as loitering (which is not an arrest-involved offense), the three officers brutally beat, tased, and ultimately shot Allan in the chest, ending his life and leaving his 1 year old son fatherless. The only other open warrants found under the license the officers ran that day were for spitting and trespassing. Most importantly, Allan and his passenger were found UNARMED. The officers responsible for his brutal murder had no reason to fear for their safety or that of the public as the car was halted at the moment the shot was fired. The entire encounter lasted less then two minutes. The officers showed gross disregard for Allan's life; a beloved father, son, and brother entitled to a due process. Allan lost his life at 3 pm on that day. The Chief of Department, Terence Monahan held a press conference at 5:30 pm to inform the public of the events, claiming their were drugs in the car that were NEVER found. My family, the other hand, discovered what had happened on our through social media. As if that wasn't enough we were left to wait around at the 52nd precinct agonizing for hours while the police got their ever-changing story straight. We were made to wait until 10:30 pm, ignored and gas-lighted, to receive confirmation of our biggest fears, Allan was gone. 

Allan was profiled by his murderers for being a young man of color in a car. Imagine our disbelief when discovering that the people that are sworn to protect him were the same people that treated him like an animal, bypassing all efforts to maim and deescalate the situation. They undressed him in-front of a crowd of cameras, handcuffed him, and stood on top of Allan while he bled out for the world to see. For our family to see every time we close our eyes and for his son to see when he is old enough to use a search engine and learn of his father's tragic death.

Allan was the glue of our family. Always happy, loving, and finding ways to make his family smile. He was as much of a pillar in our family as he was for the young boys in our community. Allan spread joy in the hearts of all he touched and was always known for his passive nature. He was flawed like the rest of us, made mistakes which he paid for, but above all else- he was human entitled to due process, worthy of consideration and justice.

Allan was the victim of a crime that has dismantled the public's trust in the authorities, POLICE BRUTALITY AND EXCESSIVE USE OF FORCE ON UNARMED PEOPLE. He was the 2nd man to die at the hands of the police in that precinct district that week alone. We want to be clear; We want Justice to be served. His background was not the cause of his death, the NYPD's years of "shoot-to-kill" mentality did. We are calling for the New York Attorney General, Letitia James, to indict of the officers involved in Allan's murder; Sgt. Jonathan Rivera, Ofc. Edward Barrett, Ofc. Michelle Almanzar and bring to light the truth to what happened.  We are committed to make sure that crimes like this are ignored by the people we in trust to combat it simply because they have power. We will not be silenced. Please join us in our efforts. Thank you for taking the time to read Allan's story.