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NYPD-IAB (NYPD Internal Affairs Bureau): Hold Precinct Liable For Closing Case Of Twins Attacked & Police Misconduct

It is traumatic enough for two men to be viciously attacked by 11 men and one of the victims seriously injured then to be denied help by the one institution that is suppose to provide it, The NYPD. Extreme negligence and police misconduct has occurred in what is a now a reopened case by not collecting valuable evidence immediately after the assault. A case which has just recently been classified as a Hate Crime as eyewitness(es) have come forward and stated that racial slurs were shouted at the victims.

Where are the photos of the victims? One of the victims is my boyfriend who garnered the brunt of the vicious attack. The only photos the precinct has of my boyfriend's severe injuries are the ones I took with my camera. Why did they not look into eyewitness statements immediately after the assault from the eyewitness who called the police from the deli where part of the assault occurred? Why did they not go to the surrounding establishments of the scene of the crime and inquire in regards to their surveillance cameras to see if the assault had been captured on video? After I was told the case was closed as well as the mother, the father and one of the victims I went to the scene of the crime and found footage of the entire attack caught on surveillance cameras from a lounge in the vicinity of the attack. Why did they not take one of the victims coat which was soaked in blood into evidence?

If this case was truly opened why was the surveillance footage obtained by this precinct FOUR days after the attack? Why would I have to canvass the scene of the crime and inquire surrounding venues in regards to their surveillance footage? If this case was truly open surveillance footage would have been obtained immediately after the assault. The most imperative and valuable evidence is collected at the scene of the crime yet no evidence was taken.

Why is one of the victims not even listed on the initial report then on the second report listed as an eyewitness when he was clearly assaulted as you can see by video footage.

Why did a Detective on the case request to speak to the victims 4 days after the assault (and 2 hours before the NYPD was informed that Fox 5 NY News had received the video footage I had given them.) Why did the Detective inform the victim he had not viewed the footage yet? If this investigation had truly been open why would a Detective assigned to the case wait 4 days to speak to a victim brutally attacked, and not even look at the surveillance footage of the entire attack, which is substantial evidence?

You will clearly see the time frame in which the NYPD started to investigate which was four days after the assault when they were informed by Lisa Evers from Fox 5 news that she had surveillance video of the entire attack. Then two hours before the family was informed that they were looking into the case. Why would we receive a call two hours before the airing of the assault on Fox that they were looking into the case if the case was indeed truly open?

The NYPD stated to me, one of the victims and the victims' father that the case was closed because the victims said, "they could handle it themselves." I called, the father called and one of the victims called to say that we did not want the case closed, had said no such thing and truly want the NYPD to investigate and find these assailants. We were denied and the case remained closed. So the NYPD is claiming that the victims said that they could handle it themselves so the NYPD is okay with vigilantism?

There are clearly things that need to be immediately rectified and this department's lack of concern, lack of sympathy and incredulous negligence has damaged this case tremendously. The only reason the case was opened because the video footage of the attack was aired by Fox 5 News and the precinct had been alerted beforehand by the reporter.

The NYPD's denial that they did close the case immediately without investigation is a blatant fabrication based on the actions of this precinct. They did not care in the first place and valuable time and evidence has been lost. The loved ones of the victims and the victims have lost complete faith in this precinct being capable of providing a thorough and proper investigation. What is also disturbing are the numerous readers and supporters who I have heard from who have accounted similar treatment by the NYPD in the follow-up and/ or investigation of crimes committed. The NYPD negates that they immediately closed the case but their actions or lack of action blatantly prove otherwise and has extremely damaged this case in the process.

We all are devastated not only by this tragedy but the steps myself, my family and the victim's family had to take to get this case REOPENED! What is also disturbing are the numerous readers and supporters who I have heard from who have accounted similar treatment by the NYPD in the follow-up and/ or investigation of crimes committed. This realization is quite disturbing and a change needs to happen immediately before another family reaches out due to a death from the result of misconduct in the NYPD's system. 

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