Removal of NYPD 75th Police Precinct Inspector John Mastronardi

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We are calling for the removal of NYPD Deputy Inspector John Mastronardi  of the 75th Police Precinct which is the worst in New York City. Early in the pandemic he has been seen on video using excessive force. He has over 20 police misconduct complaints against him. He has not provided the leadership of Police accountability in the 75th Pct. The 75th pct has the highest Police misconduct complaints in the entire NYC. Under his leadership, the Civilian Complaint Review Board reported that 1,364 complaints of Police officers misconducts was logged & that every officer from that very precinct with a complaint was rewarded with multiple raises. During the pandemic this DI Mastronardi was seen on multiple occasions not wearing a mask while enforcing the residents of the East New york Community to wear mask. He is out of touch with our community. He doesn't have the leadership capabilities to change the history of misconduct for this Police precinct. We need some one with effective leadership that can help improve quality of life for the East New York community. We are demanding that he be removed by February 2021!!! We cant take another day with his failed leadership. We the East New York community deserve the best & he most certainly is not it. Let us change the face of the most corrupt Police precinct in the New York City