Stop unfair grading on school papers

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Recently a science test was handed out in an English school located in Suffolk. The test seemed fine enough but when it came to marking the test became unfair, the test talking was about the recommended daily intake of calcium and the graph was in grams. Even though the graph value was grams the answer was in milligrams. All but two students noticed this mistake and tried to answer the question as it was asked, by giving their answer in milligrams, they guessed wrong but everyone else guessed wrong as well by putting 300 which would be correct if the answer was in grams. Even though all the students put the wrong answer, every student who put 300 got a mark. Because of one of the students put 3000 he was one mark off a level 4 which seems unfair as everyone else got a mark and has lowered both students confidence with the subject. Furthermore the students that didn't get the mark were highly religious. This is just one of many cases where students were marked incorrectly on tests and it's ruining peoples education and confidence.