Get Queens High School for the Sciences a new building!

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It would be in the best interest for Queens High School for the Sciences to get a new building and grow. Queens is the largest, fastest growing, diverse borough in New York. However, its specialized high school is one of the smallest. To best diversify Specialized High Schools, QHSS should be able to grow its size in teachers, staff, and especially students. To do so, a new building would be an effective solution. While the current opportunities at QHSS are phenomenal, a new building would provide many more as the school would no longer depend on York College to carry out major events that it has. For example, clubs are in the middle of the schedule on Fridays because QHSS needs the York College gymnasium to host athletic clubs. Additionally, some events are hosted in the York College Performing Arts Center, such as the talent showcase, and QHSS must wait for clearance to ensure that we will have these events. Currently, it is very difficult to have sports teams in QHSS because of the lack of space and resources, and number of students expressing interest. A new building would allow for more specialized students to attend the school which would then increase the number of individuals who express an interest in sports. Given the current controversy around the SHSAT exam, and the lack of diversity amongst Specialized High Schools in general, it is beyond disbelief that the Specialized High School in QUEENS, the largest, fastest growing, diverse place on the planet, is confided to practically a floor and a lunchroom on the campus of York College.