Meet Deadline on Field

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Staten Island Tech's field has been under construction for a long time now, and the construction company promised to finish the field by July or August latest. Now, the field is looking like it will not be done for months after that. This is upsetting to the kids of Staten Island Tech who have been waiting for the field to be finished for a year and a half. This affects many of the sports teams at tech, disrupting practice and leading us to be left without a field to play our games on. The kids have sat through this for a year already, as the field was being worked on all throughout last year. Our sports teams were relegated to practicing wherever we could find a space, playing wherever we could find a field, and doing it all without the slightest complaint. Not to mention, we lost our permit for I.S. 2 this year, which many of our sports team used as a practice field last year. As a football player, this is essentially problematic for our team. Telling us we have no field to play on and now nowhere to practice on such short notice has essentially reduced us to a bunch of vagabonds. The upsetting thing is that the construction company does not care at all. They take days off, they barely do any work, and are downright lazy. The construction of the field should not take this long. The construction company is basically scamming the city, but the only people affected by this are the kids who want to play on the field and the kids who want to see the games. The construction company is basically taking advantage of the kids, and it's simply not fair that we should have to take this. I'm asking you all to please support us in our fight against the oppressive construction company. It isn't fair that we should have to put up with this, and we certainly aren't going to take it lying down.  

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