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I want a law passed protecting the safety of Sanitation Workers while they are doing their job. There should be no passing a garbage truck while loading is happening and cars should be required to keep back 50 feet. Sanitation workers, work behind the truck to do their job and should not have to worry about a car hitting them, while they are doing their job


Why should people care?

I know New York's Strongest gets the back burner for most things but that does not mean that the men and women that keep our city clean do not deserve the same protection as New York's Bravest, Boldest and Finest. 
At approximately 6,000 sanitation workers of 57 different garages across New York's 5 boroughs, there are numerous on the job injuries happening daily. Many of these injuries happen from negligent drivers trying to pass the garbage truck or are not paying attention at all and crash into the back of the truck. On Saturday, June 1, 2013, a sanitation worker was hit and pinned behind the garbage truck. He suffered 2 broken legs and a broken arm. This sort of thing happens ALL the time but no one knows about it. 

I am petitioning Mayor Michael Bloomberg and NYC Department of Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty. I am asking you to please sign this petition to help pass a law to increase safety measures for Sanitation workers. Thank you.

Letter to
NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg
NYC Department of Sanitation Commissioner John Doherty
Increase safety measures for Sanitation Workers. Too many of the NY Department of Sanitation workers are injured everyday due to negligent drivers. Please pass a law that prevents drivers from passing a truck while loading is going on and a minimum of 50 feet distance behind the back of the truck.

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