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Fix the CHAOS that is Beach 9th Street on the Weekends

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We, the residents of Beach 9th Street and the surrounding area hereby demand that the local government, police, & parks department work together to take immediate action to fix the problems associated with the Beach area accessed from Beach 9th St. 

Beach 9th Street, south of Seagirt Boulevard, is a dead end and the start of the Rockaway Beach & Boardwalk. On our small street, there are 2 residential buildings with approximately 75 young families, most with young children.

Despite the large parking lot in the adjacent park, our street is used as a "party zone" every weekend. Cars park illegally, blocking parking lot entrances, beach access, ramps, and sometimes the actual street. Beachgoers often park illegally in private lots as well. Calls to police go unanswered. Beachgoers are almost never ticketed or towed for their illegal parking. 

Every weekend there are disruptive parties, unauthorized parking in private parking spots, loud music, foul smells, garbage accumulation, and a general disturbance to our quality of life.

A number of incidents that have occurred include:

  • Beachgoers running a gas generator that was in use for hours, making tremendous noise, until the police were called to have them turn it off.
  • Beachgoers blasting loud music from sound systems (parks dept employees do not shut them down).
  • A beachgoer assaulted our super with a baseball bat because he stickered his car which was parked in our private lot. 
  • Beachgoers threatened violence to residents after confronting them about parking in private lots.

In addition, the abandoned shack (which the DOB will not give demolition permits for) is not only a safety hazard, but attracts many homeless and drug users within FEET of our parking spaces.

This Beach area behind our lot is private property and should be used for the residents of the buildings alone. It should not be used by strangers who throw disruptive parties and reduce the quality of life for the paying tenants of the buildings. There are trespassers DAILY. NYPD has yet to remove a single trespasser. 

We demand the following action:

  1. Police presence on weekends and holidays to prevent illegal parking, trespassing, and driveway blockage. This includes ticketing and towing cars that block the street and ramps.
  2. Parks department patrol on the beach to control noise and beach rowdiness. 
  3. Complete dismantling and removal of the abandoned shack.
  4. Extension of the gravel parking lot fence, or some other structure all the way into the ocean, as far as low tide goes & an additional fence on the east side of the beach to prevent cross beach traffic from Beach 8th. 

Thank you.

-The Residents of Beach 9th St

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