Dual Language Programs for ALL require BUSSING

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A number of new Dual Language programs have been launched in the last couple of years by the DOE and further programs are expected to start in the year 2020-21. The work done so far by senior leaders of the NYC DOE, school leaders and volunteers is impressive and makes us all hope for the best.

However, despite the fact that bilingual education has been publicly acknowledged and promoted as THE essential need of our time, some families and schools are lacking support when it comes to accessibility to the program they want. When the program attracts citywide and out of borough families, the lack of bussing service becomes a barrier to accessing the program, ultimately resulting in low enrolment for the school.

What  progress has the DOE made to fix the bussing issue which has been affecting some schools? Why are the several transportation offices not working collaboratively to fix the problem?

Make Dual Language Programs accessible for ALL

We NEED MORE BUS ROUTES for our programs!!!!