We support HAIRitage complimentary haircuts in Central Park.

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HAIRItage (complimentary barbering services) truly understands the importance and effects that a great haircut has on people. Everyone knows that when you look good you feel good. And when you look your best you feel your best. There’s no doubt that great haircuts not only puts you in a more positive state, but it also plays a big role in regards to your work performance, your self-confidence, and how you are generally perceived.

HAIRitage would like to provide this opportunity to everyone, especially to those that have been financially impacted due to the pandemic of 2020. This is why haircuts by HAIRitage are completely complimentary, and why we ONLY accept donations and tips as a reflection of satisfaction and based on what people can afford to give it they choose to do so. 

HAIRItage has been featured on The Upper Westside Community Newsletter, photographed by New York Times photographers, interviewed by various inquiring news networks, foreign and domestic, and has receive an extreme amount of positive feedback and appreciation by local residence and frequent visitors of Central Park. 

HAIRitage master barber is a young man by the name of Herman James, a licensed barber with 10yrs of experience, Barbicide Covid-19 certified that ensures the knowledge and practice of the precautionary measures to ensure public safety, and will greatly appreciate your support for the sake of everyone that will benefit from his provided services. Thanks You!! -HAIRitage