Renovate the WNYC Transmitter Park Building and Install Bathrooms

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Every park and playground in Greenpoint has a comfort station, except for WNYC Transmitter Park.

Transmitter Park is entering its 8th year of existence lacking this essentially amenity. As our neighborhood is in the midst of tremendous population boom that is bringing in thousands of new residents yearly, usage of this beautiful oasis of a park is experiencing a similar increase.

Without bathrooms parents are taking their young ones into the park's gardens and behind trees to do their business. This situation also is prohibitive for NYC Parks staff to work in the park on a full time basis.

The NYC Parks Department has attempted numerous times to bring in a private vendor to set up a cafe/bar to help cover the costs of the project. The community has pushed back hard on this initiative because they feel a private concession of this type would have a negative impact on this very small vulnerable park.

No other Greenpoint park or playground has a private revenue source attached to it. The Transmitter building should be renovated with public funds as all the other local public open spaces were. It should be made into a community space.

Let's not let another year go by without this project proceeding.

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