NYC needs more clean, safe public restrooms

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In an official report to the United Nations Human Rights Council in 2012, a top UN investigator said that the United States' failure to provide homeless persons access to water an sanitary facilities "could ... amount to cruel, inhumane, or degrading treatment." Simply put, having safe, clean bathrooms accessible to all people makes healthier cities and more equitable living conditions.

While New York's public parks provide frequently used public restrooms, often these restrooms are unsanitary, out of the way, and few and far between. Over a decade ago, New York City made a deal for 20 automated public toilets (APTs for short) to be installed in all five boroughs— however, all but three of these automatic and self-cleaning restrooms sit in a warehouse in Queens waiting to be deployed.

The reason why? “The city Department of Transportation said finding locations to install the bathrooms has been challenging over the past 10 years due to access to utilities and community support.” (CBS New York)

Raise your voice and ask that New York City makes clean, safe, accessible public restrooms a priority, much like Portland did in 2006. Sign this petition asking that the NYC DOT find places for those undeployed restrooms to go— and make it known that there is active community support.