Tell NYC Mayor Eric Adams to Keep New York City Public Housing Public

Tell NYC Mayor Eric Adams to Keep New York City Public Housing Public

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NYC Mayor Eric Adams

Why this petition matters

Started by Douglas Balder

The Eric Adams Petition Campaign is a city-wide drive to gather thousands of signatures on a petition that supports the new mayor to:

• Halt the privatization of public housing.

• Keep public housing public under HUD Section 9.

• Seek innovative and practical solutions to NYCHA’s housing crisis by including residents in the management of their developments.

Why launch this city-wide campaign now?

• Beginning in 2022, 67% newly elected officials will be taking office, including the mayor.

• The mayor has the authority to reverse the course of the privatization of public housing.

What is the current condition of public housing in New York City?

• The last 8 years of the de Blasio administration in New York City failed to meet affordable housing goals and remedy the uninhabitable conditions of NYC public housing.

• The de Blasio administration and NYCHA have been mired in corruption and the disregard of the city’s poorest citizens living in NYCHA developments.

• NYCHA residents continue to live in the midst of what the international housing community considers to be a housing crisis of epic proportions.

Will Eric Adams respond to NYCHA residents?

• We don’t know until we try to support him to do what matters to NYCHA residents.

• Adams, for example, has said he will support the Gowanus development as long as developers meet the condition of contributing $300 million for Gowanus public housing repairs.

• Adams has said he cares for Black and Brown New Yorkers and will seek solutions to make the city work including repairing public housing.

Who can be part of the Eric Adams Petition Campaign?

• All New Yorkers.

• The Campaign is a city-wide effort to bring New Yorkers together and call on the mayor to act on behalf of NYCHA residents.

• All New Yorkers are needed to fight for the protection and repair of NYCHA housing.

Why join and build the Eric Adams Petition Campaign?

• This is an opportunity, with a new incoming mayor, to build support among NYCHA residents and all NYC residents to protect Section 9 public housing.

• Create a powerful response demanding public housing repair.

• Support residents and their families and communities to fight to keep their homes.

586 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!