To reopen retired NYC firefighter Michael Romanelli's Disability case and vote for my line of duty disability pension. FDNY 25 Year Pension Fraud Battle. Civil Rights Constantly Violated

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  On August 14,1989- I was severely injured fighting an arson fire. I had taken a bad fall landing on my scott air pack. At the time there was three floors of fire. My company Engine 247 was ordered off the fire floor because of fear that the floor was about to collapse which was the same time that I got hurt. I truly thought that I was going to die and fall into the fire below. I didn’t want to retire, but I was forced to. The Fix Was In- My FD medical records were proven to be fraudulently discarded and altered on a constant basis by the FD. However the records prove I was in perfect health just ten months before the accident. The last FD doctor’s report showed seven herniated discs in my neck and back with nerve damage to hands, arms, and my leg. According to the FD arbitrator all my injuries vanished in days. Over 50 of my medical reports were never read. The FD then retires me without answering to my severe neck and back injuries. Fire Department strikes back- The FD home confined me for 7 ½ months 24 hours a day until I retired. I felt like a caged animal. If I left my house for any reason I would be suspended and then fired the following day. I felt like a prisoner in my own home and my PTSD was getting worse. NYFD On the Warpath- Next the FD decides to cancel my family’s medical coverage. My daughter was sick and the doctor denied her treatment and told us the FD sent a letter to do so. For the third time the FD covers up the investigations that were called for on record. It Was In The Records All Along - The FD retirement board admitted on record way back in May of 1990 that I never had previous neck or back injuries before the fire, but the board of trustee’s arbitrator refused to call a vote for a line of duty disability pension. Several Years Ago-  In 2010  FDNY arbitrator  goes on the attack and sent  three detectives to my dad’s house because she became aware of my videos that showed evidence of the extensive fraud she committed.Then the FD orders two crisis workers and police officers to my dad’s house where I was taken out of the house against my will in front of my wife and children to spend the next three nights in the psychiatric ward with a lot of crazy people all because of my continuous fight after all these years in trying to protect my rights. Then weeks later the FDNY sent fire marshals to the house claiming to see if I was alright . I believe this was another attempt to scare me to keep quiet and to continue violating my civil rights for decades. FBI Gets Involved- In 2011 I received my FBI records. The FBI tried diligently on three occasions to move for a prosecution on my case. They showed that my records disappeared. They also confirmed that the D.A.’s office stated ‘’Romanelli got screwed.’’The record shows the FDNY was very worried and were revamping the pension system during the FBI investigation. The FBI even hooked up a recording device in our house in case anyone called to threaten me.  The findings are very compelling just as the D.A.’s findings were, but until this day the FD refuses to look at the FBI investigative reports as well as all my other evidence. As of today- I lost my house and spent over 80 thousand dollars fighting this unapproachable well insulated pension system. As a result my health has deteriorated much worse over the 25 year period. I have been under treatment since the FD for severe PTSD and have not been able to work since my fire accident. Until this day I have been treated on a constant basis for my neck and back injuries, and I am still fighting for my line of duty disability pension. Please share my story with as many people as you can, Thank You.