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Petitioning NYC Mayor, Chancellor and Dept. of Education

NYC Mayor and Dept. of Ed: We Need Solutions, Not Suspensions!

We want safe and supportive school climates for all NYC students!

Research shows that instead of relying on punitive discipline practices like suspensions that do not reduce conflict, schools should implement practices that repair harm and foster positive relationships between students and adults.

We need Guidance Interventions!

Counseling, peer mediation and restorative justice give teachers and students the tools to prevent and respond to conflict in positive ways.

We need an end to suspensions for minor misbehavior!

Research shows that suspensions for minor, subjective misbehaviors like “Defying or Disobeying Authority” do not improve behavior and unjustly result in higher suspensions for Black and Latino youth. In 2013, the Los Angeles School Board banned suspensions for “defiance.” NYC should do the same!

We call on the New York City Mayor, Chancellor and Dept. of Education to:

1. Mandate Guidance Interventions, like counseling, mediation and restorative justice before suspension (except for the most serious behaviors).

2. Provide Trainings to All School Staff on the purpose and use of Guidance Interventions to prevent and reduce conflict and disruption.

3. End Suspensions for “Defying or Disobeying Authority”, a minor misbehavior that is the second most common reason for suspensions.

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