Fine the MTA - NYC Health CODE §139.03 Sanitary standards

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MTA New York City Transit wants to raise the prices for you to travel on a cesspool of dirt and disease.

Why aren't they upholding NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Codes for MTA New York City Transit Subway Public Transportation Platforms? Fine the MTA New York City Transit for promoting disease in NYC.

They are in direct violation of Code §139.03 Sanitary standards


"The average mta executive compensation is $267,750 a year.The median estimated compensation for executives at mta including base salary and bonus is $249,527, or $119 per hour. At mta, the most compensated executive makes $720,000"

As per:

There is absolutely no reason to reward executives for a failing system. There's absolutely no reason a platform cannot be power washed at least once a week. New York, New York, you're being robbed. The MTA New York City Transit cannot keep the subway on time, they can't keep your commute clean or safe. What are we paying you for? Stand up to the MTA.