Compromise with NYC DOT on 34th Ave Open Street in Jackson Heights - 34 OS

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Compromise with NYC DOT on 34th Ave Open Street in Jackson Heights - 34 OS

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Community for Compromise Jackson Heights 34th Ave Open Street started this petition to New York City Department of Transportation and

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Our group is not against Open Streets, what we want is a compromise. We want our neighbors to stop fighting daily. We want to help solve all those issues that officials who voted on this bill don't see or thought of before making a decision so big. We want to help with the frustration of our neighbors who are thinking that we live in a neighborhood where we have no say on what happens right in front of our homes. We have listened for months to hundreds of people who searched for answers and got none. And we are ready to make a bridge between our neighbors and officials to better the quality of life in 11372.

There is currently a group trying to make a 24/7 linear park on 34th Avenue, which could potentially eliminate vehicular traffic and parking spaces at all times, and we want to know what your thoughts are.

Some of the compromises that could make the situation better for everyone are:

● Operating hours to be adjusted. The Open Streets have high activity hours, but for most of the day, they are not being used much. Sidewalks are always available, and with a bike lane, there should be no need for a two-sided avenue to be blocked. There are also certain hours of high vehicular congestion in the adjacent roads, that could be relieved by having 34th Ave. accessible.

● Length of the Open Streets to be minimized. Most Open Streets are only a small fraction of what 34th Avenue is. This is a residential area, and determining which zones are used most, and only using those for the program, could make it better for others.

● Merchants to not be allowed to operate on OS. They could be in a designated area, possibly a nearby park. They have been setting up in the median or in the street itself, the numbers of merchants grow more, and the road is supposed to be available for first responders, and official vehicles. This is a very important safety matter for our residents.

● Social Activities made by volunteers to be limited to the parks for safety & noise pollution reasons.

● Avoid added noise pollution.

● Local traffic to be allowed on one side of the avenue with flowing traffic to alleviate vehicular congestion & be able to access the residents in the area.

● Another survey to be conducted for a better understanding of how OS affects the residents of the avenue itself. They are the ones directly affected by this program and should have a say in it. This should be accompanied by a meeting with the DOT where residents can express their concerns.

● A study to be made of the effects on property value & for that information to be provided to residents.

● Barriers to be within ADA code & other safety regulations.

● Program to ensure that Open Streets are going to be kept clean.

● On parade dates suspending Open Streets to avoid mass congestion.

● Inclement weather to be considered to suspend Open Streets due to lack of use.

● Community involvement in decision-making, other than the coalition.

● Volunteers do not take donations or benefit economically from OS (as they currently do). This includes no newsletters on the barriers. They should stay for DOT official information on OS only. No advertising of any sort.

● For DOT or NYPD to handle the program in 34th Ave as the coalition has proven they do not have the best interest of the neighborhood, but those of their own organization.

These are the points of compromise that unite our community the most. There are many other issues, and concerns from residents that we will be able to inform on. There's also much testimony to how we have been trying to find solutions on our own, but we need the help of DOT officials.

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This petition had 1,228 supporters