NYC DOE – Stop directing, and let D28 elect our own Diversity Plan Working Group Members!

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The New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) approved an expensive grant to explore “diversity” social engineering for D28 Queens.

Despite public outcry that the Queens D28 Diversity Plan be community led, the DOE and their consultant, WXY, is still charging ahead and directing a Working Group where members were chosen behind closed doors in a secret process

As it stands, the public still remains mere window dressing in a social gerrymandering project masterminded by Chancellor Richard Carranza and his DOE. Have no doubt, the stakes are high: potential forced busing/transit of young children is NOT OFF THE TABLE, quota systems (like in D15), and dezoning are all conceivable outcomes.

We must stop this runaway train before it’s too late. Please sign this petition and tell the NYC DOE that we the people of District 28 should elect our own members on the Working Group, before any part of the Diversity Plan begins! Anything short of this is not a community led democratic, legitimate plan process!!