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Firstly, we appreciate the hard work you do for our community to make Brooklyn a better place to live, eat, educate and shop. This is no easy task.

We understand there is a plan in place to make changes to the way traffic runs on Kings Highway and the surrounding neighborhood, by removing its existing parking lanes to make room for “bus only” lanes. We kindly ask you to reconsider this as this is not for a benefit for the community at large. Many businesses, employees and medical facilities will surely suffer economically from these drastic changes. We also understand that in order to compensate for removing the parking on Kings Highway, the surrounding side streets will get metered parking. This will also most certainly affect residents’ ability to find parking near their apartments and homes. Overall, this is not for the good of the future of the neighborhood or the community at large. Please evaluate and reconsider your plans.

We invite you to consult with the owners and its neighbors directly to get their feedback on the proposed changes to Kings Highway. They live this every day and stand the most to suffer.

Thank you for your commitment to helping the betterment of our neighborhoods.