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Petitioning New York City Council Christine Quinn and 4 others

NYC DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION: Keep pedestrians safe - stop building dangerous newsstand at Sixth Ave and 9th St.

This corner is already dangerous -- adding to the sidewalk congestion only puts more pedestrians in danger.

The cars are speeding down the bus route, the avenue's crossing light is too brief for many people, the bike route switches sides at the corner, and there are train and bus stops right here. 

If pedestrian safety really matters to the City, then remove this unsafe obstruction, which was unanimously rejected by the Community Board, repeatedly, for good reason!

We feel the pedestrian flow far exceeds the amount safely allowable according to the Rules of the City of New York and ask the D.O.T. to please share with the public its survey findings (date/time/results) and reevaluate them.

Letter to
New York City Council Christine Quinn
New York City Department of Transportation Margaret Forgione
New York City Department of Transportation Janette Sadik-Khan
and 2 others
State Senator Brad Hoylman
State Representative Deborah Glick
Put pedestrian safety first: stop building the dangerous newsstand at 6th Ave & 9th St

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