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Margaret Forgione’s response

Margaret Forgione
New York City Department of Transportation

Apr 26, 2013 — Thank you for your communication concerning the construction of a newsstand at the northeast corner of 6th Avenue and West 9th Street.
The Department of Transportation is in the process of replacing existing newsstands on City sidewalks with new, state-of-the-art newsstand kiosks. Before a newsstand application can be approved, its proposed location must pass an inspection to ensure that it does not negatively impact the safety and free flow of pedestrian traffic on sidewalks.
If an existing newsstand does not pass this inspection, its operator is permitted to choose a replacement site that meets all relevant siting requirements. The newsstand in question is a replacement of the newsstand currently located on the southeast corner of 6th Avenue and Waverly Place. DOT inspected the new site and found that it meets all the siting and pedestrian flow criteria; it was therefore approved. It also was approved by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.
The selection of a newsstand relocation site is ultimately determined by the individual who holds the license to operate that newsstand. DOT recommends approval or rejection of a relocation proposal based only on its compliance with the siting and pedestrian flow criteria. While we appreciate community input on all newsstand applications, we are required to approve any newsstand applications that pass the siting and pedestrian flow criteria.
Thank you for taking the time to write regarding this matter.


Margaret Forgione
Borough Commissioner
Margaret Forgione
Borough Commission
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