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Many horses every years will forced to work 7 days on 7, in the traffic. In 8 month, 8 horses carriages accident, this is really inhuman. We can find an alternative for save horses, and keep the romantic way in NYC Street.

Letter to
NYC Council
I just signed the following petition addressed to: NYC Council.

Stop Horse Carriage

Dear Christine C Quinn,
I think it’s time now to think about the image that we will let to the futures generations. Is this the image of a planet suffering, or an image of hope we offer them?

We were shocked by the horse carriages video in New-York City. It is romantic to push a horse to work hours after hours? It is romantic to hurt a horse by enclosing him in a small box poorly maintained and inadequate? Or let a horse fight the New-York City traffic day after day? Definitely not! Romantic is not synonymous with sadism.

8 accidents in 8 months, it’s normal too. Just last Saturday, another horse carriage accident was reported in New-York City. Shocked and outraged, here two emotions that we felt. Why not find an alternative way for keep the romantic way in the New York City streets? In fact, these horses are exposed to the dangerous traffic every day. It’s totally inhuman. A horse carriage accident can kill a horse but can kill human too. Too many accidents have been reported, like the accident of two horses hit by a taxi at the end of 2011.

Death, sadism, it’s definitely not the definition of romantic way that we all know. Why not adopted a way more ecological and less painful for the wildlife like electric carriages?

Please give to the futures generations a beautiful image about the romantic way. A romantic way that will preserve the wildlife. Approve a program that will permit the replacement of horse carriages by an electric system. More to save planet and to ensure the continuity of life, that system will create more jobs.

It’s an environmental and positive image and innovative that must to be adopted for stop killing and hurting horses that continued day after day.


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