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Oppose Zoning Variance Application #1-15-BZ which would allow a rooftop addition to the historic 150 West 85th St

Manhattan Country School (MCS) recently purchased the historic 150 West 85th St property (currently home to Mannes School of Music) knowing that the site was already overbuilt per the block's R8B zoning law.  MCS claims that the building is not large enough to meet their "programmatic needs," so they seek this variance to build an architecturally incongruous structure on the roof that would significantly diminish the sunlight on the south and west sides of the block and protrude above all the surrounding buildings.  If the building did not meet their "programmatic needs" they should have purchased a larger property elsewhere!  This Variance would dramatically alter the essential character of this residential neighborhood.

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  • NYC Community Board 7 and the NYC Board of Standards and Appeals

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