Change Columbus Day to Indigenous People's day on Nyack's District Calendar

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We believe that Columbus Day should be changed to Indigenous People’s day on the Nyack School District calendar. This district is a forward-thinking one; it is undeniable that as a whole, we value diversity, equality, education, and truth. Our calendar should reflect our values.

Christopher Columbus was a perpetrator of genocide, and brought about human rights abuses that decimated Native populations all across this hemisphere. Columbus was the man that sparked violence, cruelty, abuse in every form, and the erasure of incredible civilizations, cultures, and languages. This, above all else, is his legacy. It is not a legacy we as students in Nyack want to celebrate.

Instead, we could celebrate and honor the endurance of the Indigenous populations that were so unjustly persecuted. We could focus on all we have to learn from the culture and history of the people who were here before many of us. This change could spark conversation in our community about the state of Native communities today. It's the right decision, and one that will help our district thrive through new discussions.