MSW/BSWs give suggestions for supporting NYACK students through the COVID crisis.

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Students have been forced to transition to online classes due to the COVID19 pandemic. We believe there are three ways students can be supported better through this transition. We believe not all students have the financial resources to be successful in their SPRING 2020 courses without the following support.

Refund of Technology Fees to MSW/BSW students: Students have increased costs when they move to online learning. Examples of these costs are ink, printers, paper, and the cost of Wifi. We encourage the school to fully refund technology fees to all students to account for these extra costs. 

Provide Laptops to all MSW/BSW Students:  Laptops should be given or placed on loan in the library for students who do not have functioning computers to complete assignments. In addition, the school should conduct a formal assessment of students to understand the need. 

Provide online therapy help to support all students coping with the impact of the COVID19 virus:  We suggest having a hotline connected to school-based counselors who can relate to the struggles of NYACK students using a Christian lens. 

Mental Health Wellness Tips: We suggest the school should provide weekly devotionals, inspirational messages, or encouragement tips related to coping with stress and isolation during the quarantine period.