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Keep Right Except to Pass

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Tired of traffic? Tired of close calls on the highway?

These two things are the most common results of improper lane usage on roads, more specifically highways. 

The NY Vehicle and Traffic Law Title 7 Article 25 explains in detail the specific laws relating to road usage. It clearly states that drivers are to keep right except to pass; in other words a driver must drive in the rightmost lane unless they're passing a driver to the right of them. However, passing is not enough. A vehicle that is driving within a particular lane must also yield to faster traffic. Not doing so is impeding traffic which is also illegal.

Unfortunately, in many parts of NY state this law is either not properly enforced or not enforced at all which results in high traffic which leads to increased accidents. 

Time and again I've seen traffic build up as a result of someone driving too slowly in a passing lane and that traffic led to angry drivers, reacting to the slow driver, and close calls. 

I and those who sign this petition would like law enforcement to enforce the laws relating to the terms "slower traffic keep right" and "keep right except to pass" so as to clear highway congestion and decrease the amount of accidents occurring on the road. 

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