Child Protection- Stop Domestic Violence

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Child abuse is a public heath crisis! It takes the lives of children and is one of the leading contributors to the mental health crisis. According to the Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence, an estimated 58,000 U.S. children per year are court-ordered into unsafe visitation and custody of abusive parents, over the objections of caring parents.  Over the past decade, the Center for Judicial Excellence has documented 653 child homicides across the U.S. by a parent involved in a conflict related to divorce, separation, custody, visitation or child support.

This petition asks for NY State legislators and legislators from all other USA States to pass family court accountability law where child safety is the primary factor in domestic violence cases.

We are asking NY State legislators and legislators from all other USA States to pass enforceable  state law based on Resolution H Con Res 72 which passed in the House of Representativeson September, 2018. 

The Resolution H Con Res 72 suggests the following: child safety is the first priority in our courts and that family violence matters are resolved before assessing any other best interest factors of children; evidence from court and paid officials will only be accepted from those with the proper abuse and trauma training; and there will be oversight hearings from Congress to ensure family court practices are safe for children.

This federal resolution is sound and it’s up to all of us to make it an enforceable State law. Courts must solve (validate or dismiss) any domestic violence claims prior to making visitation or custody decisions that effect the physical and psychological well being of children.

Let’s hold strong together against perpetual child abuse. 

Please sign this petition on behalf of the most vulnerable citizens, our children!