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Stop abusing our children!

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Sam Maloney is a handsome smart child who loves photography. He is also AUTISTIC :). Sam and many other children are living a nightmare though. His school and many others that are supposed to support and nurture our children's growth are restraining them and using inhumane methods to discipline these brilliant children. Just to list a few methods... 1) "seclusion rooms" - this is where they put a disabled child unsupervised in a room which they cannot leave without the assistance of an adult. 2) withholding food/water/bathroom breaks or changing the way there food and water taste and 3) the one Sam had to endure recently which is called "the take down" method. Three adults pinned him down and held him down for 13 minutes! To an Autistic child these 13 minutes can seem like forever and the fear that these children sustain during these so called "discipline" methods is inhumane and will not stand. We are are asking you to stand by Sam and the many other children like him. Let our government know this will not be allowed! You can also find Sam's work on Facebook under Snapshots by Sam Maloney Let him know we care. We thank you for taking your time to sign and read our petition.

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