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NY State Residents ONLY: Let our communities pass laws to ban sales of mill puppies & kittens!


The citizens of New York do not want to be regulated by a pet store law that is archaic and is currently on the books only in 3 other states! We need to advance our state by becoming advocates for our communities and not be dictated by an old law that prohibits localities of making new and improved laws for Man's Best Friend as well as all companion animals!  As the law stands now, NYS communities cannot say NO to outrageous pet store activities such as the renting out of baby chicks at Easter or say NO to the retail sale of puppies that we all know come from commercial breeders (AKA Puppy Mills).

Bills S1262 & A1731 will amend the NYS Agriculture & Market Law and the general business law by allowing our communities and NOT the State to regulate pet dealers.  It would, furthermore, allow municipalities to regulate pet dealers as long as the law, rule, regulation, or ordinance is not less stringent than state law.

In order to protect the health and safety of residents in our communities, municipalities should not be prohibited from enacting laws, rules, regulations, or ordinances governing pet dealers our communities. This legislation would make Article 26-A of the Agriculture and Markets Law consistent with the many other animal related state laws, such as laws regulating dangerous dogs, seizure of animals, canine waste, and the operation of spay/neuter facilities, which do not preempt municipalities from enacting local laws, rules, regulations or ordinances pertaining to animals within their jurisdiction.

Municipalities are much better able to inspect, monitor and enforce local rules, regulations and/or ordinances in regard to pet dealers.

Thank you for your consideration and support!.


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