Improve School Lunches in New York NOW!

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Hi! We are four teenage girls that wish to improve the quality of school lunches in the state of New York. Why? It is our belief that the school lunches being served to children are not nutritious and not delicious either, causing many students to throw away and waste an enormous amount of food. While the children that are actually eating the school lunch are consuming food that is extremely unhealthy. This is detrimental to their health. It is extremely necessary for students to have decent school lunches that will allow them to perform better in school with a clear and focused mind. In addition, the school lunches being offered are not enough to support a growing child. The lunches being served often do not provide enough nutritional value to sustain a child throughout the school day and many children often feel hungry only an hour later. Lastly, schools need to provide students with more options, especially since many children can not eat certain foods due to allergies. Providing students with options will ensure that the students will actually eat what they are being given since they are the ones deciding what they would or would not like to eat. 

We encourage you to sign our petition so that the quality of school lunches in New York can be improved so that they are not only nutritious, but also delicious! This will help also reduce the amount of food being wasted! Thank you! :)