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Animals from the Queens County Farm Museum were sent home with farm employees to be butchered and eaten.

Letter to
Regional Director, The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Suzanne Mattei
Executive Director, Queens County Farm Amy Boncardo
According to Kennon Kay, Director of Agriculture at the Queens County Farm Museum, a flock of wild mallards and resident farm animals (guinea hens, muscovy ducks, pekin ducks, domestic mallards, heritage breed ducks and roosters), were eating the crops at the farm, so a management decision was made to give these animals to some of the employees to bring home to butcher and eat. This, despite the fact that an offer had previously been made to bring these birds to an animal sanctuary where they would be safe and cared for.

The farm elicits donations through their “Fund a Friend” program to care for these very animals.

In addition to the fact that killing wild mallards is outright unlawful, and taking the farm’s animals for personal use, and profit of individual farm employees is theft and misappropriation of farm property, the slaughter of these farm animals, when a humane solution was available, is both senseless and cruel. The people responsible must be held accountable.

Please prosecute those involved in the unlawful capture & killing of wild mallards from Queens County Farm. Complaint # 10-008254


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