Suspend alternate side regulations forever in New York City

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As we all know the past few weeks the mayor of New York suspended the alternate side parking regulations due to corona virus, although it wasn’t suspended right away because it is not meant for cleanliness only for fundraising reasons it was only suspended after pressure from its residents that the mayor commanded to stay home but didn’t suspend alternate side parking.


Everyone knows how hard it is to find parking in the and it only gets harder and harder wherever there’s an empty space there was put down a fire hydrant so there is no parking left, lately the city has done good by forcing builders to provide parking but it not enough there are places where you don’t have those parking or you are a member in parking near your house or work and you have to go somewhere else, there would be parking but so happens that it’s on alternate side parking side and you cannot afford to those looters going around for your money on top of your regular expenses which are high as is living in the city.


Those alternate side parking regulations are not made for the reason of cleaning our streets because if it would they would adopt better ways to do it as you can see in other cities in the world where they are citing violations for 1 and half hour and rather using other methods to clean their cities.

The past few weeks we went through a very difficult time with COVID-19 and the alternate side regulations had to be suspended in order to stay home and safe and we didn’t see that the city should be more dirty in this time due to much more people have where to park their cars for more hours.

That make us think that the alternate side regulations are a thing of the past and it is time to move on and Suspend alternate side forever in New York City