The New York Mets need to act fast with the help of MLB to oust the Wilpons swiftly!!

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As a loyal fan to a team in the largest market in these United States, it’s despicable to see them run into the ground due to Top Level ignorance and ego.  
An offer was presented to right all of their wrongs, and then some, and yet they still try to ask for more and ruin it all.  This is the 2nd time that a sale was ruined by this ownership group.  This group has done everything they can to just stay afloat or do things the incorrect way and it’s time to put that to bed.  
If you want to own a sports franchise in a large market such as NY and expect your fans to pay top dollar, you should have to put your money where your mouth is or move on!!  It is time for them to sail into whatever sunset they want and Jeff Wilpon must realize he’s not the leader that takes this team anywhere but down!!!  
Fans need to make their grievances even further known to hopefully gain the attention of MLB.  They have stepped in before and my God this team more than any other seems to desperately need it now!!

God Bless and Let’s Go Mets!!