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Petitioning NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and the State Office of Parks

Cancel the planned killing of 10,000 Canada geese and other birds in NY.

Our wildlife shares this state and this planet. These birds targeted for killing across Long Island and New York State -- including over 6,000 Canada geese and over 3,000 other birds (including owls, egrets, ducks, sparrows, woodpeckers, hawks, and dozens of other species) -- are a vital and beautiful part of our environment. They are also sensitive living creatures that the state should not be killing for any reason, let alone to make our parks more pristine or to keep apples from being pecked, etc.

The state Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation has a permit to kill 1,250 geese in State Parks and Parkways on Long Island. The federal Wildlife Services agency (USDA) has a permit to kill over 8,000 birds of over 100 species. Private entities on Long Island have permits for hundreds more geese. There are possibly other permits not yet disclosed. See for more information.  

According to those who know, in a typical roundup the geese are stalked when they can't fly (molting season -- right now) , rounded up, mothers, babies, whole families, manhandled and tethered with horrible plastic ties, and how they are killed by slow, tortuous gassing. It can take a quarter hour for a goose to suffocate. According to the federal permits, In other cases the  birds are being shotgunned to death, poisoned, lethally-trapped, or shot again with rifles or air-rifles.  

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  • NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and the State Office of Parks

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