Metal detectors in NW schools priority over sports complex

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Recent violent and deadly crimes have heightened our awareness as parents and guardians of children-that it is our duty to provide a safe learning environment & the importance of doing so outweighs the need for a multi-million dollar sports facility. This is a case of severely messed up priorities. We need security, metal detectors, & we owe it to the teaching staff as well.  (My deepest heartfelt gratitude to the NW teaching kids have reported to me your plans to sacrifice yourselves to keep them safe-if the need should ever arise.) During this school year alone, a knife was brought to a NW Jr. High dance and a gun was on the NW school grounds.  In the past 24 hours, our city of Springfield, Ohio has sought FBI assistance to locate and eliminate further school shooting threats. This is not an issue that will resolve on it’s own. It needs to be addressed with immediate effectiveness-even if we must sacrifice something like a sports complex.  My daughters are worth far more than that.