NVRHS Switch to Virtual Schooling!

NVRHS Switch to Virtual Schooling!

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Started by NVRHS Community

The Northern Valley Regional High School District has recently been faced with a number of COVID cases that have been affecting the district population. Students are constantly in a state of worry and fear, and with the current guidelines in place by the NVRHS administration, having school open for in-person learning is absolutely irresponsible- even unethical -given this place and time. We, both students and parents of NVRHS, demand that BOTH schools shut down and switch to virtual learning for at least the next TWO weeks until our situation has subsided. 

Here are some specific reasons to take this matter into effect: 

1) Students and staff are constantly at risk of the spread given the fact that not everyone is fully vaccinated, let alone tested for COVID. 

Student Testimonial #1: "When I was in class, there was another student who mentioned that his whole family had tested positive for COVID, yet he was still active and in-person. How can we be sure that we are learning in a safe environment when there are others in the same position?"

Student Testimonial #2: "During gym class, we all come in close contact with each other for activities. Then during lunch, hundreds of students have their masks off to eat their lunch. I'm pretty sure that's not safe at all." 

2) Students who have been in contact of COVID as of 1/3/22 have noted that although they are still waiting for their test results, because of attendance guidelines they felt "required" to come in-person to class. 

Student Testimonial #3: "I was told that even in my condition that I had to come to school because I would be marked absent. You're telling me that my academic record will be affected if I don't come to school because of something that I have no control over? This absurd. I don't feel comfortable, and I'm well aware that those around me feel the same way." 

3) Some students who have been absent due to their health situations have been denied access of Zoom learning privileges because it did not comply with "attendance guidelines". 

Student Testimonial #4: "Today, I was at home because I tested positive for COVID this past weekend. However, when I requested to join some of my class Zoom links, some teachers emailed me saying that even if I joined Zoom, I would still be marked absent because of school policy regarding "unexcused" absences." 

4) Even with open windows and "safety precautions" this is no appropriate environment to foster academic growth. 

Student Testimonial #5: "My teacher notified us the other day that we should bring in coats and warm clothing because all the windows were going to be open. It's 27 degrees outside. It's below freezing. How are we supposed to work properly when we're freezing our hands off? Not only that but with the cold air blowing in, students are at risk of catching colds. COVID or not, there's still a high risk that some sort of viral infection may spread." 

Clearly, there are so many problems- heard and unheard from the NVRHS district that have not been addressed. The current guidelines in place by the district administration are clearly not enough to address this ongoing issue. COVID numbers are only continuing to go up and we as a community are being directly affected. 

To the NVRHS administration: Please take action now! 

48 have signed. Let’s get to 50!