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TL;DR: Please get the devs to change my EE username from 4thewin to Onjit. Signing the petition takes like 2 minutes.

When I first began using the internet seriously around 2010, Everybody Edits was the first community I really got involved in. I began under the guise of "Fiendish Llama", which is a seemingly cool name.

At a similar time, I showed the game to my sister, and she started playing under the name "4thewin"

Until you know its origins, that is.

It was a combination of two of my school friends' personas. One called himself "Fiendish", and the other referred to himself as the "Llama". Not knowing what the deal with the internet was, struggling to find a name for myself, I joined the two together.

As time went on, and I became more attached to my internet friends, I became increasingly embarrassed with this name; it was not "me", I didn't deserve it.

Some time later (around 2012), my account “Fiendishllama” was banned (I got phished for some quick gems and got banned for my troubles). My sister didn’t mind sharing her account with me, and after a while she forgot about the game, and I had the name “4thewin”.

But this was even worse. If “Fiendish Llama” didn’t belong to me, “4thewin” was doubly bad. That’s when, out of nowhere, the name “Onjit” came into my head.

I liked it. It is short, unique, and easy to say and type. Best of all, a google search showed that no-one had taken it. Onjit would be my name on the internets. And so it is.

In my haste, I made an account on Kongregate with the name Onjit. (Account) I didn’t know at the time that this was a bad idea. I forgot about Kongregate (I never really used it anyway)

Onjit was could not be my EE username. MrShoe was too busy on a year-long vacation to notice my request.

Then, the new devs came. I was hopeful. I could finally have the username that I use online. My persona.

But it was not to be. Many requests with many members of the team, and the mose positive was xjeex saying “I’ll look into it” with no further reply.

And so I come to you, the EE community, to ask you to help me get my username.

Change 4thewin to Onjit.

Thank you.

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