Change NUS high's chemistry teacher

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In NUS high, I believe every student should get the best teaching the school can offer. Unfortunately, when a teacher has to go on an extended course and the school is unable to find good replacement teachers, they will choose bad replacement teachers.

In an institution, a good teacher correlates to better results, so having a relief teacher teach a class for one whole semester would be disastrous as the teacher may not even know what she is teaching, much less get his/her students to know what they are teaching.

Furthermore, some of these relief teachers are so inexperienced to the point where they are unable to handle a class and waste precious lesson time doing unnecessary things, which will affect our learning very much.

In conclusion, I would like you to sign this petition to make NUS high reconsider some of the relief teachers it's been getting to replace teachers when they are on leave for extended periods of time.




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