Closed loop recycling for the horticulture industry

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Did you know that black gardening pots cannot be recycled in your curb side recycling bin? 

This is the issue we are trying to solve!

The horticulture industry is committed to creating closed loop packaging for its plants.

We are committed to using and recapturing Polypropylene (PP5) – the plastic material used in these pots - moving forward and stopping it from going into landfill.

How have we started? Green life growers all over Australia are using and recycling PP5 in pots, labels and stakes already. What do we need to start? We need retailers not to just use black pots.

We need garden retailers to put in collection bins at the storefront and care about what impact gardeners can have on the planet. This way, home gardeners everywhere can be a part of our commitment to a closed loop with PP5

If we install bins at garden store level, we can collect all the PP5 new plants are packaged with and recycle it again back into more of the products we use as an industry. 

This means all future pots, tags and stakes can be turned into post-consumer products once again and won’t be disposed of unthoughtfully.

Through these steps we will help keep millions of Kgs of plastics out of landfill each year, create jobs in Australia for Australian companies, reduce our plastic imports from offshore and create a recycling stream that is sustainable for the green life industry.

We aim to have Australian pots, stakes and tags all made from recycled material in the next 3 years but need your help to convince Australian retailers to put in bins and help us to recycle all PP5.