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Open Call: #NoMoreTopDown

In slightly over a week, this petition has gathered over 14,000 signatures from a diverse range of individuals across NUS and beyond. We’ve received a huge number of comments and messages from students, staff, alumnus and parents alike – all expressing their frustrations with top down decision-making.

We've made demands in our petition, and we intend to follow through with them.

For the next step, we’d like you to continue using your voice. We want to listen, and we’d like to hear more. So does the rest of the NUS community, who either share your concerns, or care about your concerns.

How has top down decision-making affected you, your life, your friends, your family, your community, or more – during and/or beyond your time in NUS?

Share your story with us, via any of the following:

1)    Google Form []

2)    Instagram []

3)    Email []

Anonymity is guaranteed upon request.

No More Top Down
3 months ago