Nursing Homes Kill People

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Nursing Homes Kill People
The perfect example of this is the novel  coronavirus or COVID-19 that recently invaded the nursing homes. The authorities did nothing to protect the residents resulting in the death of many.
INNERSIGHT INC is a non-profit advocacy group for the disabled, we believe that we have the solution to the nursing home problem. We want to start a program called “Volunteers for Freedom” where certified home health care workers would donate hours to keep people out of nursing homes and prevent them from going in as well. The state frowns on giving people 24 hours times 7 days a week care so because of that many people are force to go into nursing homes. Through “Volunteers for Freedom”, we hope to establish a private fund to compensate and reward the certified home health care aide.  This program would take the burden off the taxpayers, government, and would give people a better life.   Furthermore, people would go into fully accessible apartments. Politicians should legislate strict enforcement on accessibility. We urge President Biden to sign an executive order to mandate all agencies to contribute to this fund.



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