Requesting NMC-UK to accept the OET/ IELTS score similar to Irish Board (NMBI)

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As per the criteria set by NMC in 2020, it is compulsory for a candidate to score at least a 6.5 in IELTS (C+ in the OET) in writing and 7 in IELTS (B in the OET) in the remaining sub-tests with an overall 7 score, to be eligible to proceed for the registration. Many overseas nurses are struggling to register the NMC, UK because of minor variations (in comparison with the NMC requirement) in their OET/ IELTS score. Many of them obtained a 7 score in IELTS (B in OET) in 3 sub-tests and a 6.5 (C+ equivalent in OET) in the remainder. Due to COVID-19, they are unable to club their score by re-taking the tests as unavailability of OET test dates/ inability to reach the test centre due to lockdown and social distancing. Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) approved the candidates for registration with 6.5 (C+) in any one sub-test and 7 (B) in the rest others, without needing an overall score of 7. If the NMC could modify their criteria at least as per the criteria set by NMBI, it would be easier and a great relief to all those nurses and could proceed for registration without any delay. NMC and Honourable UK Parliament... please listen to all the talented and ambitious angels, who are about to miss their opportunity during this pandemic, after a lot of efforts and financial crisis, due to minor differences in their test scores..