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Nurses to Trump - Hell no! Save US Health - defeat the AHCA.

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The American Health Care Act is Health-Eroding! 

I'm Amelia Herold, nurse, entrepreneur, devoted mother and am concerned that the American Health Care Act puts our patients at risk, compromises quality, and lacks input from providers. The American Nurses Association, as well as over 50 groups adamantly oppose Trumpcare. The AHCA is particularly toxic to women, the disabled, seniors and the poor.  The bill undermines access to needed services. You should've asked us. We care - Happy Nurses Week to my fellow 3.6 million nurses and all the patients we are humbled to serve!

Greed vs. the Greater Good?

The notion that "you can't be too greedy" is false Mr. President. We have the world's most expensive healthcare system, yet we rank the worst in outcomes and equity. (Time, 2014) Nurses, we are in the front lines facing life-threatening superbugs, complicated, chronic illnesses, and an addicted society. At 5% of the world's population, we consume 80% of the world's opioid supply. (AllGov). Insurance, pharmaceutical, and medical supply companies stand to gain billions in tax cuts if approved. Where's the greater good here? Our nation needs healing, but the AHCA is unethical, toxic, and should be purged.


Nurses comprise the largest population of healthcare staff, and provide 90% of hands on healing. We CARE enough not to buy into this Anti-American plan. CARE - a Compassionate Act to Restore and Empower. Now is the time to use our voices to protect our families and communities. Who said, "you are only as strong as your weakest link?" Millions will lose coverage for pre-existing conditions, mental health, and for the substance abuse problem we created. The Prevention and Public Health fund and PTSD care for our valued vets will be eliminated. The lack of transparency, and lack of input solicited by the care providers are disturbing. We need to use our compassion in action and stop this bill!

Let's get fired up!

With your support, this health-eroding bill will fail. Nurses, we are the most trusted profession (Gallop) - Thank you:), and now is the time to let our lights shine! Our patients, "partners in Care" - join this movement. We need you to help create a healthcare system based on our core values, not greed. Sign this petition, share. We know you care. Thanks for being part of the transformation and healing that will happen. 

In light and love,

Amelia Herold, RN, MBA, Reiki, Suicide widow

Founder, Visiting Healers, LLC







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