The greatest adversity of a nurse is Burnout. An alarming problem. Be vigilant. Combat it.

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Nurse burnout is an alarming problem that negatively impacts: Patients, Staff, Nurses, Family members of patients, Family members of nurses and The health care industry. 

The role of a NURSE according to the International Council of Nurses: 

1. Nursing encompasses of autonomous and collaborative care of all ages, families, groups and communities, sick and well in all setting.

2. Nursing includes the promotion of health, prevention of illness and care of an ill, disable,and dying.

3. Nurse plays the role of an advocate, promotion of safe environment, participation in shaping health policy and in inpatient and health systems management, and education.

Why do we become nurses? We care about people, we want to make a difference, we build a trustworthy relationship, we are compassionate.

What causes Burnout? Emotional exhaustion, compassion Fatigue and tired of caring.

Consequences of nurse burnout are devastating as , Poor job performance, Compromised patient safety, reduced loyalty and intent to leave nurse practice, physical and mental illness which predisposes nurse to; hypertension, ulcer, migraines, diabetes, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, toxic habits as abuse of drugs, alcohol and unhealthy eating habits.

Burnout is inevitable in nursing, but we can combat it by tools provided as

1. recognizing and reducing fatigue,

2. Hardiness education

3. Being emotionally intelligent

4. knowing the extent of burnout and solutions

5. enhance resilience

Research and evidence proved organizations that implemented burnout interventions experienced increased retention, had reduced performance problems, increased patient satisfaction, increased physical and mental health of a nurse. 

When tools are there to combat burnout why should they not be implemented by every hospital, nursing colleges? Solution is there and it needs to be implemented. It is cost effective. And patient satisfaction is increased inversely nurses health in kept well. 

As a patient I would not want a tired, sick nurse taking care of me. My life is in jeopardy. My needs as a patient should not be deciphered as demands. 

Nurse are an intricate part of the nation that deal with the frailty of a person who is in the hospital, home or in the community. Nurses are construed as strong, agile, miracle workers. In order to live up to their practice nurses burnout and it is detrimental to all, like a domino effect. 

Let us all support this petition of implementing tools to combat burnout- for nurses in all hospitals and nursing colleges. 

Why in all hospital? When it proven to be effective in few hospitals why not all and eventually the whole nation. If not taken in effect, it is going to be a pandemic disease, because the growing dynamics of health and healthcare is going to exponentially increase only. Action for prevention should be taken by everyone not only few. 

Why in nursing colleges? New students who are embarking into this profession can learn to care for self, and therefore they can provide effective care to patients, and the community.