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NUMS conducted their entrance test on 11th of october, 2020. On premises, we weren’t provided carbon copy for which majority of us had to pay heavy price when the result was announced 2 weeks later. 31923 students out of 52251 students are fail (with less than 120 marks out of 200), everyone has less marks than they had anticipated and not just a few marks; 35-40 marks less, and this the story of MAJORITY. We studied for months and got scores we could have gotten without studying. There was zero transparency in this exam. It has been around 4 days and students are tired of complaining to said authorities but to no response.No media channel has covered this issue even NUMS is yet to acknowledge the problem. There was no official key released either. What have we done to deserve such injustice? Please don’t play with our future. We deserve answers, rectify our grades NUMS or reconduct the paper. There’s no middle ground, We won’t settle for anything less.