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****Left letter/petition for transpareny purposes. DOCUMENT IS NULL.****


Judith Newman, who lives in Manhattan New York, wrote "To Siri With Love", which among other things:


  • says she’ll use ‘he’ as the default pronoun because she hates the singular ‘they' even though she claims to hate condescending language
  • She then bashes the word ‘cisgender’ as supposedly pretentious/ridiculous.
  • She mentions just casually looking at her son's Google account history, and when discussing the increase of Autistic people says "’s because slightly odd people who used to be single are having more of a chance to breed"
  • Judith says she imagines her son having sex to to the Benny Hill soundtrack in her head
  • She plans to acquire power of attorney to have him forcibly sterilized when he is 18 without his consent.

The issue here is that this is incredibly abusive, and this is only within the first twenty pages of the book.

The World Health Organization defines child abuse/maltreatment to be " all forms of physical and emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect, and exploitation that results in actual or potential harm to the child’s health, development or dignity. Within this broad definition, five subtypes can be distinguished – physical abuse; sexual abuse; neglect and negligent treatment; emotional abuse; and exploitation."

This woman is monetizing her Autistic son's humiliation and then on top of it trying to take away his autonomy and freedom! This is, yes, child abuse in print.

The Autistic community does not condone this eugenicist behavior. We do not condone the shaming and exploitation of an individual for personal gain. We do not want this hatred to spread, we want acceptance to spread instead.

Regardless of what world view you have, one thing we all love as humans is out freedom.

I request that this child be taken away from Judith Newman and placed with a more loving family who will respect him for who he is.



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