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The Sun - the Media and responsibility to report news – not to form opinion.

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The Sun newspaper.

The NRS has The Sun readership at 26.2m, and we consider that this carries with it a responsibility to this Country to ensure balance, and or a right of reply equal in length to any article published by them. We are very concerned about the lack of balance and outright bias of the media in the UK.

NRS Report

There is far too much concentration of news organisations in the hands of too few. We the undersigned have major concerns about the way politics is treated in our national newspapers and TV programmes. It is clear that most every article or interview is conducted or written to produce a predetermined outcome. In other words, the intention is to give a disparaging headline that fits with their bias. This is damaging to democracy.

The British public is entitled to expect the media to communicate in an unbiased informative manner. It fails to do so. We do not have a problem with individual writers giving an opinion piece, but when they do, it should be made very clear that that is what it is - a personal opinion. The Media Reform Coalition produced research which showed that newspapers overwhelmingly sought to attack Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership credentials from the moment he was elected.

We need a media that is not controlled by a very small number of very big interests. We consider that they fall short of taking responsibility for the power they currently have to form opinion, and using it in a manner that respects democracy, and has the aim of informing the public. That is what true journalism is about.

This petition is particularly concerned about the lack of balance of The Sun newspaper and it is our intention to lobby all political parties, and the NUJ, to take on board our concerns and take action to redress the balance and hold the media responsible for ensuring a balanced and unbiased service to the public.

We are calling out every publication and radio and tv programme on this. 

Our focus at this time is on The Sun newspaper which we consider to be biased in the extreme, and, given that its style is inflammatory and opinion led, and it has the second highest readership, we will be forwarding this petition to every MP, to the NUJ and to all major newsagents, and to all stores selling The Sun asking them to consider its contents. 

The Sun newspaper is our current main target and we want to see a complete change in style where they cease their intention to dictate and form opinion and look to produce an unbiased and responsible paper - one where anybody reading it can be said to have the opportunity through its pages to be fully informed of all opinions and facts that can be reasonably provided.

We the undersigned want a media that takes responsibility for ensuring that the British public are informed through the media with facts and unbiased reporting. We are calling out all media to use their power in a responsible manner.


Arthur Clack:

There are current affairs and politics programmes on television where adversaries can argue and express their opinions. Then there are daily news broadcasts where facts and information should be provided.

BBC news has forgotten the difference and in place of news reporting, they offer opinion pieces from their political editors.

When those opinion pieces tally almost word for word with the existing government and become political speeches, our press and our media and our democracy are in trouble.

I have followed elections since the latter days of Wilson and I have never seen or heard anything like this before.

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